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Salvador Alicea
Canovanas, Puerto Rico

I have held an interest in photography since purchasing my first 35MM camera in the late 1980s

salvador Alicea

and joining the Puerto Rico University Camera club at the same time. In 1985 I started my formal photography study completing two years course of photography science at the Puerto Rico University, Mayagüez Campus at the same time that was studying my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Science. After I finished the program, I became the assistant to a great photographer, with whom I spent three wonderful years, learning my craft and growing as a person and photographer.


This includes not only the image capture but film processing, image enlargement, mounting and framing. Each stage of the process requires a unique level of understanding and creativity. I have been participating in each of these separate disciplines for many years and will always consider myself to be a student of the art. With the advent of desktop photography I have mostly abandoned color photography as a darkroom skill but still feel that nothing can produce a black & white image like the traditional "wet" darkroom.(I still utilize film for image capture and use a film scanner to bring my work into my computer).
I have now been photographing professionally for over 20 years. My favorite subject is the outdoors. Whether it is down the street, or hundreds of miles away. There is always something new to discover, each time you step out the door.

We all tend to get caught up in our daily lives, and sometimes don't take the time to see the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday. My goal is to look for unique perspectives, beautiful light, and different subjects...to capture that beauty at one moment in time...so it may be enjoyed over and over again. And to help us all realize the importance of preserving and protecting what we have.

When working in color, I like to emphasize the presence of color and its contribution to the look and feel of a scene.  If the subject matter is somewhat mundane I try to uncover a different perspective that uses the juxtaposition of contrasting and complementary color within the frame for added interest.

Salvador Alicea
Film & Digital Professional Photographer
NAPP Member, NPPA Member

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